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PingerThinger is a network monitoring application for Windows NT, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.  PingerThinger assists network administrators in answering one question: which IPs on the network are currently down or unreachable?

PingerThinger provides a "one glance" way to determine which IPs need attention, allows simple configuration, and generates plain text logs. 

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Why is PingerThinger the best choice?


Easy Configuration

All the parameters, such as time out and time to live, are configurable from the command line.  To monitor a new IP address, simply add one line to the input file and restart PingerThinger.  To stop monitoring an IP address, remove it from the list or place a # in front of the line. 

Compact Size

PingerThinger's simplicity offers another advantage: it fits on a floppy disk or flash drive and can be easily moved to another machine for use in disaster recovery or troubleshooting.


PingerThinger Pro is able to handle large numbers of IPs efficiently.  The only limitations on how many IPs PingerThinger can monitor are processor speed and bandwidth.   PingerThinger is perfect for the small home network or a large corporate LAN / WAN, anywhere you need to know when IPs are down.


Dynamically Updated "Red List"

Know with a glance which IPs are down.  PingerThinger displays a dynamically updated list of IPs that are not responding.  As soon as an IP becomes reachable, it is removed from the list. 

Icon Displaying Network Status

PingerThinger can run unobtrusively as an icon in the system tray.  The icon is  green when all IPs are reachable and turns to red when IPs are down.


PingerThinger logs to text files when IPs go down and when they became reachable again.   (Great when your manager wants to know when an outage occurred and how long it lasted.)

It can write its log to the serial port for monitoring by other software.


PingerThinger can automatically archive its log when it reaches a user-specified size.


"...This program gives us everything we need in a network monitor system, it tells us what is down, it is easy to use, it provides plain text file logs, and is very economical to buy. I strongly recommend it! "  Read full testimonial
- Bruce

Which PingerThinger Option is right for you?

PingerThinger Pro
PingerThinger Enterprise
Number of IPs to monitor
Number / type of license
1 individual license
2 individual licenses
Site license
$40 (US)
$450 (US)
We also have have discounts available for charities.

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